What's new in recent HR360.Online updates?
February 2023
New features:
  • Custom fields in the Employee card, for example, "Date of employment", "Grade", etc.
  • The functionality of reports has been expanded with the ability to display and filter custom fields in an Excel report.
  • Improved color scheme for graphs and charts in PDF reports.
  • Minor edits and changes to the user interface.
September 2022
New features:
  • Measuring employee satisfaction with eNPS surveys.
  • Ability to conduct periodic eNPS surveys and compare their performance using dynamic reports.
  • Telegram bot functionality improvements.
June 2022
New features:
  • Ability to conduct periodic 360-degree surveys and compare their performance using dynamic reports.
  • Automatic launch of surveys according to a specified schedule (day, week, month).
  • Added short tooltips in all key areas of the platform to help new users create their first survey.
December 2021
New features:
  • Add questions with reverse scaling.
  • Ability to manually run the questionnaire.
September 2021
New features:
  • Design the first page of the PDF report.
  • Upload graphs to PDF report.
August 2021
New features:
  • Setting up anonymous / non-anonymous comments of respondents in the section "Create a new survey". After passing the questionnaire, the report is unloaded in XLS according to the settings with anonymous / non-anonymous comments.
  • The section "Reports - Graphic reports" added the ability to build a group report in addition to personal.
  • Passing the questionnaire of respondents - added the ability to pass the questionnaire in the browser, save partial answers and comments and complete the questionnaire later.
July 2021
  • In the process of passing the questionnaire by respondents.
  • In the "Competences" section.
May 2021
Minor fixes and improvements.
April 2021
New features:
  • The "Reports" section adds the ability to view graphical reports in the form of horizontal, vertical, pie, pie charts.
  • Ability to save a graphical report as an image.
  • When creating a competency, you can now choose answer options: digital scale or text answers (2 to 6 answers).
  • The process of creating a new questionnaire.
March 2021
New features:
  • Ability to use a promo code to replenish the company's balance sheet.
  • Added "Information about the questionnaire" section. In this section you can view information about those who have already passed the survey and who have not yet started it.
  • Implemented functionality for sending reminders about the questionnaire for those who have not yet passed it.
  • In the section "Create a new survey" added the type of survey "Custom". Now you can create a questionnaire more flexibly - without reference to degrees (90,180, 360).
  • UI / UX.
  • Reports.
  • The section "Create a new questionnaire" has improved the ability to customize the template of the questionnaire for respondents.
March 2021
New features:
  • In the "Reports" section you can download xls reports for all questionnaires by clicking on one button "Download all reports".
  • In the section "Create a new questionnaire" you can create a questionnaire, which is activated later.
  • Registration on the platform through Gmail, Microsoft, Facebook accounts.
  • Added Telegram Bot. Respondents can now take the survey not only in the browser, but also with the help of Telegram Bot.
  • Display the results of the survey on a graph.
  • Templates of letters sent to respondents.
  • Display "connections" of survey participants - manager, subordinate, colleague, client.
February 2021
New features:
  • When creating a questionnaire, you can choose whether the comments of respondents will be required during the questionnaire.
  • In the "Accounts" section, improved handling of accounts.
  • The Create New Questionnaire section has improved the process of creating a questionnaire.
January 2021
Beta version of the platform (pre-release of the paid version).

New features:
  • Integration with the Fondy payment system: payment acceptance Visa, MasterCard, Prostir, Apple Pay, Google Pay.
  • Multilingualism (Ukr, English, Russian).
  • In the "Competences" section added the ability to import a template with competencies. All imported competencies are automatically assigned a score rating of 0 to 12.
  • In the "Employees" section added the ability to import a template with information about employees.
  • Ability to replenish the company's balance sheet so that when creating a questionnaire you can write off payment from the balance sheet.
July 2020
Alpha version of the platform with basic features:
  • Creating competencies with a digital scale of answers.
  • Add information about companies and employees.
  • Creating a questionnaire - 90, 180, 270, 360, 540 degrees (free, no restrictions).
  • Sending respondents to the mail notifications about the need to take a questionnaire. Respondents take the survey by following the link in the letter, without registering in the system.
  • Receiving XLS reports on questionnaires.
  • View graphs (cobweb chart).
  • Platform user profile settings.
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